Bergs Engineering AB is a brand of hpl-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik GmbH who brings tomorrow's solutions in strip process technology to leading companies in the steel and metal industry 
- Always focusing on Operator Safety, Customer Value and Productivity. 

Bergs Engineering AB

We are able to supply our customers with units such as buttwelding, slitting, scrap chopper, cut-to-length, brushing, shears, inspection, grinding, tension leveler and heat treatment. We cover almost all parts in strip processing!
Furthermore, we can supply customers with strip handling products such as coil cars, strip wrappers and coil transportation devices in different shapes.

Especially for the production of welded steel tubes, our brand Bergs Engineering AB can offer well proven solutions. Machining the edge before the tube is formed and welded has significant advantages. The gap between the strip edges will be optimized for welding and therefore the so called "dripping" of the liquid filler metal will be reduced to the lowest possible level. Furthermore, the welding process is faster at a lower consumption of filler metal.


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Thomas Pieper
phone: +49 5944 9301 - 107